28 June 2016: Day Seven

Digvijay showed me what he was up to over the weekend. He said that he was meaning to do this for a long time but finally got himself to sit down with Dhiraj and make this over 2 days. The website is also linked here (unless it’s taken down). Wix is a free website building…

27 June 2016: Day Six

In English class today, Sameera Ma’am wrote down these words – what, when, where, why, who, how, which – and then asked students to frame sentences with them. She was trying to teach more general English speaking skills and sentence formation practice, instead of going by the curriculum they follow in school. It was a enjoyable class,…

24 June 2016: Day Five

I sat in an English class with six students (3 boys and 3 girls) in grade 7 today, and the class was being taught by two volunteers. Both of them were 16 year old boys, who studied in private schools in Mumbai. Today was their first day volunteering with Asha, and they came from far…

23 June 2016: Day Four

Two questions to think about: 1. How does my presence affect student motivation/interest in the class? 2. What is the reason behind there being more girls than boys here?

22 June 2016: Day Three

The initial plan was to go to Asha today at 10am, but Rekha Ma’am called me at 9am saying that I’d be able to start recording classes only from 2:30pm (the afternoon session). So I reached Asha at 2pm instead. I had a long conversation with Digvijay for around 30 minutes first.

21 June 2016: Day Two

One of the girls from class 6 was wearing an ‘I ❤ Dubai’ t-shirt. I visited the Asha center only in the afternoon today, and the first thing I did was have an interesting conversation with three 8th grade students. (2 boys and 1 girl.) “Bhaiya, we love this place. There are less kids compared…

20 June 2016: Day One

Setting the Scene I visited the Asha for Education learning center in Mumbai. This center is located in Powai, an urban locality in central/north Mumbai. Around 10 years ago, Powai was considered the outskirts of Mumbai, but today, it is a densely populated locality. Some notable landmarks in Powai include IIT Bombay, the Hiranandani Gardens…

19 June 2016 – In Mumbai!

A Quick Update: I’m finally here, and I’m currently in the midst of a heavy rainstorm and flood. This city is absolutely beautiful, and has a unique charm attached to it – I’m coming here after almost nine years. Looking forward to Day 1 tomorrow – I’ll be at Asha at 10:15am in the morning….

HCI Methods

I read up on the following HCI methods today. Participatory Design, or Co-Design Contextual Inquiry Wizard of Oz Method Think Aloud Heuristic Low Fidelity Prototyping Cultural Probes, or Design Probes

Tentative Plan for an Initial Contextual Inquiry

I will be spending the first two days at Asha. On the first two days there, I will conduct a contextual inquiry with the students and teachers. What is a Contextual Inquiry? (Reference: http://www.usabilitybok.org/contextual-inquiry) Contextual inquiry is a semi-structured interview method to obtain information about the context of use, where users are first asked a set…