16 July 2016: Day Twenty Two

[Note: For the sake of time, the last three blog posts will only be short updates. All the raw data is in the form of audio recordings, pictures, and handwritten notes.]

Sameera Ma’am and I organized a workshop for the parents in the morning today. She was not expecting any parents to show up – since in the past, parents rarely ever came to parent-teacher meetings. Dr. Smita had also mentioned that it was always especially hard to get parents to attend workshops or meetings. We spread the word through the teachers to tell the students that the parents had to attend this workshop on Saturday morning, though we didn’t make it compulsory for anyone to be there. Finally, there were 14 parents who showed up (we expected 7-8, so this was great). Two of them were men, and the rest 12 were women. The entire workshop lasted 60 minutes, and it was organized in the form of a design thinking exercise. The focus was to understand how parents interacted with their children at home, and how they empathized with their child’s problems/concerns. I had recently posted the draft outline of the workshop, and we followed exactly that. It was a very interesting experience overall.

The parents were very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the discussion – we noticed this in the responses some of the mothers gave us in the end of the workshop. A couple of parents even thanked Sameera Ma’am for organizing this, and another requested her if she could hold such a workshop more often. Two parents also mentioned that it would be more convenient for them and for other parents to attend the workshop if it was conducted in the evenings instead of the morning since most of them work in the morning, or have to complete miscellaneous chores at home.


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